Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Help Is Not a Four Letter Word! Part 1

I recently received this comment from Jim. It said,

"Great post George."

Instantly I knew that I really liked this guy. I could see that he was a man of superior intelligence, discernment and spiritual insight.

But he continued,

"It's so hard to peel off the cultural baggage of the American Institutional Church. Have you been tracking with Michael Horton over at the White Horse Inn?..."

I had no idea who Michael Horton was or where the White Horse Inn was (I know now) but something Jim said just grabbed me. Over and over I kept hearing the phrase:
Have you been tracking...
Have you been tracking...
Have you been tracking...
Have you been tracking...
Have you been tracking...

I said to myself, "That's really cool! What an awesome phrase. I've got to use that on my blog." I was impressed. Inwardly, however, I was a little jealous. Why hadn't I come up with that first?! Why does Jim always get to use all the cool phrases first?! "It's not fair!!"

Of course, I know why. You see, Jim lives in California. Everyone knows that California gets all the newest ideas, the latest trends, words and even phrases first! Personally I think the reason is because California is on the coast and they are carried there by some mysterious ocean current or by the ocean breeze. My journalistic instinct tells me that it's the ocean breeze. It's just in the air! I know it! How do I know? Well, you see about 12 years ago I traveled to California for the first time. As I deplaned in L.A. I took a deep breath and instead of coughing or wheezing, as I expected, I exhaled and found myself blurting out, "Like totally awesome air dude". I'm sure I had never said that before in my life! That's why I know it must be "in the air".

If my theory is correct, everything comes first to California and then travels eastward to the rest of the country. In the old days, we Carolinians - being on the south east coast - always got everything last - which explains why when the rest of the country was saying totally awesome dudes, we were still saying, that's really groovy y'all! However, like so many other things in our culture, this pattern is being disrupted, not by global warming but by technology! How? Instead of waiting for the westerly wind or for travelers coming from California by train, plane or automobile - words and phrases are now transported instantaneously to the rest of the country - via - the information super highway! It's the Internet dude! As a result, one day Jim is saying "are you tracking" in California, and the same day I'm getting it and using it right here in North Carolina! Isn't that awesome!

"Are you tracking with me?" "Great!"

Scientists tell us that we all learn in different ways. To varying degrees, some people are verbal or auditory, while others are visual or seeing. I have always been an extremely visual person. My wife, Nancy, on the other hand, is very verbal. Because of our difference in learning styles, each of us has had to learn how to communicate effectively with the other. Nancy has learned that often, the best way to convey an idea to me is to draw me a picture. Since she is very artistic, this is easy for her to do. Over the years she has amassed quite a portfolio of sketches that she regularly uses to convey certain important points, like: a picture of me taking out the trash, or putting down the toilet seat, or walking the dog, and of course a picture of me picking up my socks! It may seem trite, but for me one picture is better than 10,000 words - and - it saves time!

When I first saw Jim use the term are you tracking, I immediately saw a picture in my mind of railroad tracks (see above) and in my sanctified imagination , I could hear our Lord saying to Peter, over and over and over again, "Are you tracking with me Peter?"

Then I heard Him say something totally unexpected! He said:

"Are you tracking with me, George!"

I was startled and stunned! "Huh? WHAT? What do you mean, Lord? I blurted out.

"I mean do you get it, George? Are you moving in the right direction? Is you life 'in sync'
with Me - with My plans and purposes? Are you focused - single minded - looking ahead? Do you understand what is important? In other words, George - are we both on the same page? Are you tracking with me on this?

How do you answer somebody who already knows everything about you, from your deepest desires to you darkest secrets?!

The best I could do was to respond with:

"Ah, um..I'm not sure, Lord!"

"By the way",
Jesus said, "That was a YES or NO question!"

I stared down at my shoes. "No, I guess not." I said sheepishly. "Baa!" I hung my head. I couldn't look Him in the face. I felt too ashamed.

"I'm really sorry." I said softly.

"Sorry about what?" Jesus asked.

You know," I said, "About not tracking with You!"

He said, in a commanding voice.

Immediately and involuntarily I snapped to attention. I was face to face with Him! I couldn't move a muscle. I was mesmerized by the love and compassion in His eyes. I felt as though I was bathed in liquid love. Although His gaze penetrated to the depths of my being, I felt somehow pure and cleansed and light as a feather. As I gazed into his eyes I could feel both ends of an enormous grin inching further and further up my face racing to met my cheekbones. I laughed uproariously!

Jesus was smiling too. It was one of those radiant smiles that just lights up a room. In fact, His smile could light up the universe. I felt warmed from the inside out. I was filled with joy and deeply fulfilled.

"What were we just talking about?" I asked.

"It doesn't mater!" He said. "It wasn't important. Anyway, it's forgotten. But there is one thing I want to tell you, George."

"What's that?"
I asked excitedly.

"I love you!" He said. "I am so very proud of you and the man you are becoming. You know, dad feels the same way! He told me to tell you so. We are so excited about you and your future. Personally, we're both so excited that I can hardly wait!"

"Can hardly wait for what?" I asked.

"Why I can hardly wait to tell you My secret!" Jesus said.

"What secret?"

"Why the secret about Me, silly." Jesus said laughingly.

"I'm all ears." I said, doing my best impersonation of Ross Perot?

"I'm sorry," Jesus said, but we'll have to save that discussion for a latter time. I've got to get going. I have a lot of preparations to make but I promise you I'll come again soon! In the meantime remember, you are not alone! My spirit is here and He will teach you everything you want to know. Just ask!"

"Oh please - pretty please Lord, before you go, could you just give me a little hint?"
I begged.

"I could, but...Alright"
He said.

"Are you listening? Are you tracking with me? Here it is!"

"There's only one accusation that has been made against Me that is absolutely true. Do you know what it is?

"No" I said, "No idea."

"I have a one track mind!"
Jesus said.

Huh? "That's the clue?"

"Sure is."
He said. "Think about it! If you can't figure it out ask for help. It's not a four letter word you know."

"What isn't?"

"HELP!....H. E. L. P. is not a four letter word! Get it!

With that Jesus grinned and vanished.

I thought to myself. "I have a one track mind." What kind of a clue is that? No doubt I'm really going to need some help to figure that out!"

Just then a cool refreshing breeze blew into the room, ruffling the curtains and carrying with it a sweet yet pungent incense like fragrance which seemed somehow vaguely familiar. Just then a voice whispered in my ear:

"Listen! I have a lot to tell you!"

The voice sounded familiar. It sounded like the Lord but somehow very different. I glanced around the room but it appeared that no one was there!! Just then, it was as though someone blew gently on my face.

"Who's there?" I asked.

"Who do you think?! He said "You said help so here I am..."

To be continued

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  1. George, you had me cracking up! The part about Nancy's artwork was great as was the part about the CA air. : ) I love the title. I'm anxious to get to Chapter 2!


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