Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Dear John Letter

Dear John,

I was so heartened to read the letter from the brother admitting his emptiness and his lack for awareness of the risen Lord. I think his admission that ‘church and ‘religion’ just aren’t enough is a great turning point in his life! I am thankful that the Spirit leads us to a realization of our spiritual bankruptcy. I remember crying out to the Lord and telling Him how empty I was and how desperately I wanted Him to be real to me. Well, you know what happened. What a marvelous turning point in my life.

It is amazing to me what 'things' we have substituted for knowing God and it saddens me that we have settled for so much less than He offers. What we have settled for is just shadow and not substance - religion instead of relationship - legalism instead of life!

It's reminds me of when I was a ‘Bible thumper’. If you came to my house, I would say;

"Hey, you want to meet my husband?"

"I would really like that," you'd respond.

So I would say, “Come on let's take a walk.”

Then I would take you back to the Library. Lovingly and reverently I would remove four well worn leather bound volumes from the shelf. Handing them to you I would say;

“Well, here you go!”

“What are these?” you would ask.

“Oh, these are his authorized biographies. They will tell you everything you need to know about him”

“I really didn’t want to read about him,” you’d respond. “I was hoping to meet him. “Isn’t he here?” “Has he gone away? Is he deceased?”

“Come with me” I would say. "Come see the love of my life.”

Leading you into the bedroom and opening a small chest I take out a lovely gilded box. Gently removing a package of letters tied with a ribbon I say:

“Well, here he is!”

You would think me mad! You would respond;

"I was hoping to meet him not just read his letters! Isn't he home? Is He deceased?"

Then I became a charismatic. If you came to my house and said, "Can I meet your husband?”

I would say, "Absolutely, come with me."

I would go into the bedroom get out my my jewelry box and spread out all the rings, jewelry and other gifts he had given me."

“See these gifts. Here He is!"

You would think I was looney! You would respond:

"I didn't ask to see the gifts he has given you, I was hoping to meet Him? Is he not at home? Is your husband deceased?"

No wonder the world doesn't believe or know. What have we shown them - stuff or Him?!

I thank God that when we seek Him he finds us! That He leaves the ninety and nine and goes out after the one lost sheep. I'm thankful that if we ask we shall receive and that if we seek we find. I am thankful I said, "Lord, please come and make yourself known to me. I want you to be more real to me than my flesh and blood family. I want to know you."

Well, you know what happened! That's why I'm so heartened when I hear someone admitting their bankrupt condition and truly seeking to KNOW HIM - for I know He will come and make Himself known to them just as He did for me.

Thanks for sharing.

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