Monday, July 11, 2011

What On Earth Is God Doing

I'm reminded that Jesus was asked by his guys, his students, his disciples to "Show us the Father?!" In a nutshell His response was:

"What do you mean? Don’t you know He who has seen me has seen the Father."

Whew, this adds a new dimension to the little girls’ story. Think of it. If "He" (Jesus), who we say is very God, now lives His life in and through us, perhaps the only way the world can see Him, is by looking at us. As if to say;
Want to know what God is like? Wondering what on earth God is doing! Want to see a picture? Look at me!”
Lately that's what I am thinking and writing, to myself, about. How can the world see God? And…What on earth is God doing? This question is, for me, the beginning of a new journey of exploration, contemplation and self examination.
I can tell you from experience that lately God has been doing some stuff. Just yesterday He (in and through me) spent time with His friends Dennis and Paul and with his wife Nancy. They talked about responding to homelessness, poverty and the needs of those less fortunate in our community. Later, He helped his wife pack and get ready for her trip, and yes, God is married. Later, God (in me) spent time purchasing and programming a new cell phone for Nancy’s trip to Michigan and ordering her special vitamins and protein foods to be delivered to where she will be staying. Later He (in me) made and confirmed Nancy’s rent-a-car and hotel reservations. God even helped wash some of her clothes – reluctantly and it certainly must have been Christ in me because I don't do clothes!
Earlier, in the morning, God (in Christ, in me) spent some time at the Free Store in downtown Charlotte. It is run by his friend Paul Fisher. As He does every week, God (the Holy Spirit in me) conducted a devotional bible study with some homeless folks and fed them donuts and coffee instead of loaves and fishes. Around noon He (God in me) had lunch at Dim Sum with Dennis, Paul and Nancy. Together they had a lively theological discussion. God, it seems, is quite fond of Chinese food – especially the sweet and sour pork! Oops, not kosher!! It’s worth noting that He left the waitress a very generous tip. God is not cheap! He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. God loves to give and He wants to give you to have your best life NOW!
In the early evening God spent a lot time just relaxing. He rested from his labors. Later in the evening it became evident that God is also fond of Netflix! He especially enjoys reruns of the TV series 24! He and Jack Bauer are in the same business – saving the world! After watching episodes for much of the evening - God (in Christ, in me) undertook reading and responding to some spiritual e-mails. Then He did some blogging and of course journaling followed by prayer! Amen! God is good!
Then He curled up with a good Christian book by theologian Howard Snyder. As you probably know, God is very keen on intellectual and theological writings and discussions. He religiously spends countless hours daily in such pursuits. About midnight, God was seen to be asleep in his favorite chair with his feet propped up on his favorite ottoman.
Just this moment it struck me that I may have to rethink this - see God or Jesus by looking at me stuff. I’m somewhat uncomfortable with this new revelation. It seems like strange fire – not very evangelical. Right now I find myself in uncharted and turbulent theological waters. I’m uneasy and stressed out at the thought this new revelation.
Want to see God look at me” sounds kind of brassy and showoffy! It’s self promoting! Come to think of it, I’m too meek for that approach. I'm more unpretentious. I don’t like to be in the limelight or to bring attention to myself! I find that I'm much more comfortable with, “Want to see what God is like – don’t look at me - look at Jesus! That’s a much better approach and is consistent with the kind of guy I really am.

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